A servitude may be constituted by contract, by the law or a Will. For example, when purchasing a property, the Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will inform the parties of all the servitudes and charges after completing the search title and analysing the certificate of location provided by a Land-Surveyor.

Whether the servitude is to establish a right of way, to regularize an illegal view or an encroachment or to create a servitude of tolerance or construction, the principal objective of a servitude is to regularize a problematic situation. It may be registered against or in favour of a property. It may also be created in favour of an immovable or give a right to a specific individual. The Notary registers the deed of servitude at the Registry Office to ensure its validity and that it is legally binded to the land, regardless of whom owns it.

In summary, a servitude may oblige you, as an owner, to support certain uses or may restrict some of your rights relating to your property. The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will give you the information regarding the extent of an existing servitude on your property and will guide you in defining the rights of each individual.