Sale or donation

You concluded with the assistance of your Notary at DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE, a promise to purchase. Let’s look at the following step that will allow you to enjoy your new property.

When preparing the file for the sale, the Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will ensure that all verifications on the property are done. They will obtain the necessary documents for the title search, such as the cadastral plans and the certificate of location from the Land Surveyor, if required. They will ensure that the property is free of all charges or liens, except those already reported to the preliminary contract.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will also make the required verifications to prepare the allotment calculations statement of the property, for expenses such as, municipal and school taxes, condo fees and all other applicable costs.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will be available for any questions regarding the transfer of ownership. They will also inform you of your rights and obligations should you purchase the property with one or more other individuals. The deed of sale may includes agreements that will govern your rights as a co-owner or a separate agreement may be prepared.

At the signing of the deed of sale at DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE, you will obtain all the information about the Seller's warranty, easements in favor or affecting the property, explanations concerning the declaration of co-ownership, should you buy a condominium, as well as other relevant matters to the purchase.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will ensure that the funds required for the purchase of the property are irrevocably transferred into their intrust account, which funds will then be remitted to the Vendor, after signing the deed of sale, that the payment of all costs is made and that the registration of the deed of sale to the Land Registry Office is confirmed.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will advise you as well as answer every question you may have from the preparation to the conclusion of the transaction to come.

A donation is an act of transfer of ownership just like a sale. The only difference is that it's gratuitous.

Most often, a donation is concluded between related individuals, such as family members. It is extremely important to consult the Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE because a donation may anticipate certain restrictive covenants not seen in a sale, and the donor may retain certain rights.

In addition to carry out to all verifications, as in the preparation of a deed of sale, the Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will advise you adequately on the rights and obligations between the donor and the donee.