Preliminary Contract

The purchase or the sale of a real estate property is an important decision in your life and you need to ensure that the preliminary contract is well prepared.

The preliminary contract is the document that will establish the conditions of the purchase and sale, hence the importance of being very vigilant. The preliminary contract includes the description of the property you coveted; inclusions and exclusions, all the conditions to be met such as conditions on the verification of the regulations applicable to the property, whether municipal or others, as well as the inspection of the property and its financing. The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will advise you on the conditions to be included in the preliminary contract according to the type of property you want.

Once accepted by the Buyer and the Seller, the preliminary contract is a binding contract between the parties in which the conditions stipulated may no longer be the subject of negotiation between the said parties. The preliminary contract will be used to complete the next step in the preparation and conclusion of the final sale.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will prepare and advise you in the process of the preparation of the preliminary contract, its acceptance and the preparation of a counter offer guiding you through a smooth real estate transaction.