Financing and Mortgage Rights

Whether it is for a loan, a mortgage, a security, a discharge or a release, the Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE know how to meet your needs. Should it be for a financing to purchase a property, or a refinancing for renovations or for your business, we can assist you regardless of your financial institution.

For example, in the case of a transfer of a property, the search title made by the Notary on the property, will reveal any existing mortgage or any other charges on the said property. The Vendor may then provide to the new Purchaser a good and clear title, free of any charges. However, the reimbursement in totality of the mortgage does not erase the charge on the property at the Registry Office. It is the responsibility of the Notary to register a release from the creditor to recognize that the mortgage has been paid in full in order to obtain a discharge.