Non residents

Do you own a property in the province of Quebec, be it a secondary home or an income property or a condominium rental? Or do you own an account at a Canadian Credit Union or a Canadian Bank and are a non-resident of the province of Quebec? Then, you should consult the Notaries at DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE are the expert in drafting Wills and planning the transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries. A notarised Will will assure you confidentiality and will easily be traced after your death because a notice of the existence of the Will is registered with the Chambre des Notaires of Quebec.

When planning your notarial Will, this latter may only apply to properties situated in the province of Quebec, which allow an easy and inexpensive transfer of your assets in the province of Quebec to your heirs. The notarial Will does not have to be validated by the Court to be lawful.

Frequently non-residents clients who purchase a property in the province of Quebec do it jointly, in the name of both spouses, and believe the property to be held in common according to the concept of "joint tenants" known in common law. This shared ownership concept which includes a right of survivorship to the surviving owner does not exist under Quebec law. Without a Will, the individual's property rights will be passed under the provisions of a Will made outside the province of Quebec or under the applicable Law causing delays and high costs.

The Notaries of DUPRE BEDARD JANELLE will adequately advise you in the writing of your notarial Will to ensure the transfer of your assets is made according to your wishes while reducing the costs of the settlement of your Quebec Estate.